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This Microgreen Superfood Starter Kit includes: 1. Four Envelopes of Seeds, 2. Four Grow Mats. 3. One Grow Tray (with drainage holes), 4. One Upper Tray (without holes). 5. One Lower Tray (without holes), 6. Spray Bottle. Plus, this kit includes easy to use instructions with photos for first-time microgreen farmers of all ages.

This makes a great gift for grade school students all the way up to grandparents, who will love growing their own food and harvesting microgreens within just 10 days! Get one Starter Kit for yourself and another as a gift.

The Grow Mats are each 10"x10" to fit into the 10"x10" trays. Each tray will produce a market rate harvest of over $10 of microgreens, within just 10 days from seed to harvest. So, with four mats and accompanying seeds, this kit will produce over $40 of food across the four 10-day harvest cycles. You can continue to use the trays and spray bottle for many years and just replenish your supply of Grow Mats and Seeds along the way. This is one of the most cost-effective ways to grow your own vegetables right at home. This Starter Kit is brought to you by the nonprofit StudentFarmers.org, which buys wholesale volume seeds, mats, trays and other supplies in order to extend the favorable pricing on to you. StudentFarmers.org expects to provide “refill” seeds and mats for under $1.50 per tray, which is excellent to produce over $10 of market value food!

Here is the Student Farmers Microgreen Superfood Starter Kit page with a useful 5-minute video, plus great tips, recipes, FAQs and more: https://studentfarmers.org/starterkit/

You can also join the Student Farmers FORUM for free and learn about best practices for microgreen cultivation: https://studentfarmers.org/forum/

StudentFarmers.org is a registered nonprofit 501(c)(3), and 100% of the net proceeds from the sale of the Starter Kits goes towards the organization. StudentFarmers.org is dedicated to in-home sustainable farming for students of all ages, who seek to improve their health, reduce cost of vegetables, and promote environmental stewardship.

Every seed counts, and this Starter Kit is loaded with beneficial seeds!

Superfood Benefits of this “BAT” MIX:

Broccoli – Heart Health, Digestion, Immune System, and Cancer Prevention.

Arugula – Sports Performance, Blood Pressure Reduction, Cancer Prevention, Vision Protection, Wound Healing, Liver Detoxification, Prevention of Bad Breath and Body Odor, and Enhanced Sex Drive and Performance.

Turnip – Healthy Skin and Hair, Reducing Anemia, Osteoporosis Prevention, Cancer Prevention and Treatment, Diabetes, Digestion, Fertility and Pregnancy, Sleep, and Mood.

Medical Disclaimer: The content here, online at StudentFarmers.org, or on any of the social media posts is for informational or educational purposes only, and it does not substitute professional medical advice or consultations with healthcare professionals.

See: StudentFarmers.com/microgreen-benefits.

The trays in this Starter Kit are warrantied for 1 year. Contact Student Farmers for warranty claims: https://studentfarmers.org/

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