ACCELER FITNESS Motivational Gear

Acceler Fitness is please to offer apparel and other products that we have designed with "statements" relative to personal training and nutrition coaching. We believe in the value of environmental stewardship for a healthier planet as well as the value of exercise and improved diet to help create healthier people. To that end, some of the statements on the gear reflect planetary wellness. If you have an idea for an additional message on one of our products, we welcome the opportunity to review your idea and possibly expand our line. Please feel free to Contact Us at the link blelow.

If you would like a customized front and back design combinations for a shirt, from our portfolio of messages and graphics, or if you have a new idea for a shirt, please Contact Us: There is no added charge for the customization, such as this one that was requested with “PLANT EATER” on the front and “RESPECT” on the back: